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Meet our founder, Sabrina Sabrina

About ClearForMe:

When ClearForMe founder Sabrina Noorani noticed something was wrong with the skin around her lips and mouth six years ago, she was stumped.   They started to puff up, small bumps started to show up around her mouth, and the whole area started to turn red.   Her lips peeled so much she started to get staph infections.  Needless to say, she was motivated to put an end to this.

After her dermatologist completed some skin patch allergy tests, she found out she was allergic to Fragrance, Nickel, and Formaldehyde.  She thought “Easy enough, I’ll avoid these 3 things!”  Instead of getting easier, the next steps were even more confusing.  Fragrance, a very common skin irritant and something that can be found in everything from makeup to skin care to household cleaning products, has 32 different chemical names used in ingredient labels by manufacturers.  To avoid Nickel, one has to look for 19 different chemical names on labels.  Formaldehyde, a very common preservative and something that can be found in numerous personal care products, has 12 different chemical synonyms.

Sabrina knew there had to be an easier way.  She envisioned a way for consumers, just like herself, to easily and efficiently find cosmetic products that are free of the ingredients that matter to them, whatever they may be.  Whether you suffer from skin allergies, are a mom who wants to use safer products around your newborn, or simply want to use healthier, cleaner products - you should be able to easily find what products are right for you based on what you care about.

Sabrina walked away from her role as a Trader on Wall Street, and dove in to building ClearForMe.  Her goal was to develop a tool that lets YOU choose the ingredients you want to avoid, whether it’s a medical necessity or a lifestyle choice, and then simply see which products are clear for you.

Over the last year ClearForMe has built a database with just over 690,000 products across, cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, baby products, household products and more.  We curate a personalized offering via 3 simple steps:

1. YOU choose the ingredients you care about in your products,
2. YOU tell us what type of product you're looking for and
3. WE will show you which products are clear for you.

We would love to hear from you!  Tweet us at @Clear4Me or email us at info@clearforme.com if you have any questions and feedback.

Also check out our FAQ page - loaded with more information about ingredient safety and how our database works.