3 Ways Ingredient Transparency Can Increase Your Conversion and AOV

September 16, 2022

Inquisitive customers, complex ingredients, supply chain delays...just a taste of the hot-button issues keeping e-commerce and marketing managers up at night.
A recent study[Label Insight] revealed that 94% of consumers would be loyal to a brand offering complete transparency. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said they are willing to stick with a brand—and even pay more for their products—if the brand were more transparent.

However, we know that transparency is hard to implement and maintain. From the upkeep of ingredient data and e-commerce pages to the training of customer support associates, it can be an uphill battle to keep all departments aligned.

Enter ClearForMe. We make the ingredients on your product pages interactive and educational, through our Clickable Ingredients solution. Now you can answer customer questions instantly, without them ever leaving your site. It’s simple to implement, too.

Read on to learn the 3 benefits of having ingredient transparency at the click of your shoppers’ hands.

1. Strengthen product messaging and advertising

Today’s beauty consumer is browsing beauty products with a value- and utility-first mindset. They deeply vet product claims to ensure that the formulas will truly fit their routine, protect their wellbeing, and provide real results. Research is the new ritual.

Clickable Ingredients tailors your e-commerce experience for the needs of today’s beauty shoppers, bolstering your product messaging and specifications with trusted, regulated ingredient definitions. Furthermore, the copy from our standardized ingredient definitions can be used to emphasize product value propositions within content marketing pieces.

2. Increase your e-commerce conversion (and average order value!)

We know that your conversion metrics are up against the ever-shortening human attention span: as a brand, you have limited time to make your case. The average product page in the beauty industry converts at about 12%—this is largely because shoppers choose to delay their purchases when they can’t easily find an answer to their question.

With Clickable Ingredients your customers can now research ingredient information directly on your product pages. No more website session time lost to supplementary internet research, which takes your customers out of the browsing experience on your site (when they aren’t able to quickly find the answers they’re looking for). Ingredient and product research becomes integral to the purchase pathway of your website.

Our partners have observed increased e-commerce conversion and an increase in average order value after implementing Clickable Ingredients. Credo Beauty, the largest clean beauty retailer in the industry, saw average order values increase by 7.6% after partnering with ClearForMe.

3. Build trust with all of your target audiences

By providing clear ingredient definitions directly on your product pages, your shoppers will see your brand as transparent and forthcoming. Social followers, current customers, and potential customers can learn about your product specifications to their heart’s content, with the knowledge that your brand is providing fact- and science-based cosmetic product information.

Your Next Steps

Interested in implementing Clickable Ingredients for your beauty brand?
Setting up is simple. If you’re running on Shopify, simply add ClearForMe’s code snippet to your website. Alternatively, our team can set up the integration directly with your in-house web development team. Get in touch with our team here to start the process.

Already using Clickable Ingredients?
You can easily add on complementary features, like our Ingredient Glossary, which functions as a holistic dictionary of your brand’s ingredient definitions, or Cross-Sell, which recommends related products to your customers when they view an ingredient’s full details. Contact our team here to learn more.


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