About ClearForMe


What is ClearForMe?

ClearForMe is a cosmetic database that simplifies how ingredients are labeled.  Ingredient labels are confusing.  If you ever wanted to avoid an ingredient, you have to make sure you also look for all of the chemical synonyms for that ingredient.  Fragrance, one of the most common skin allergens, has 32 different chemical names used in ingredient labels. Formaldehyde, a preservative and common irritant, has 12 different synonyms used in ingredient labels. With ClearForMe, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve got every skin allergen along with all of their chemical names in our database.

ClearForMe lets YOU choose the ingredients you want to avoid, and we’ll scour through our database of over 679,000 products, and help you find products that are clear for you.

How does ClearForMe work?
  1. Our large database of products has 112,661 ingredients in our database.
  2. We’re using a complete allergen list sourced from the top dermatologists and allergy testing companies in the world.  We have 500 allergens and counting used that consumers are tested for when they go see their dermatologist or allergist.  ClearForMe uses this complete list of possible allergens and all of their synonyms.  We’ve inputted this list into our database.   We then cross-reference these allergens (and their chemical synonyms) with all of ingredients of the 679,000 products in our database.  We’re now able to tell you which products have which allergens, based not only on the allergen themselves, but also all of the different chemical names used by product manufacturers on ingredients.
  3. YOU can now tell US what ingredients you want to avoid, and ClearForMe can now tell YOU which products are Clear For YOU.
How do you have so many products in your database?

We’ve spent years, months, days, hours, minutes, and yes, even seconds building our database. Having a comprehensive database is a top priority for us.  We want you to be able to find and search through as many products as you care about.

Note:  We work hard to ensure the accuracy of the products and their ingredients.  Please be advised, cosmetics makers continuously change formulations. Sometimes retailers sell you a company's old formulation. And sometimes you'll have the latest formulation, but we won’t have it in our database yet.  It’s important you check the product labels yourself and/or contact the manufacturer directly for the most current up to date information.

Does ClearForMe endorse products or brands?

No.  ClearForMe is a tool for consumers to find the right products for them.   Our goal is to provide you with information about ingredients.  We hope that our site serves as a resource for you to make better choices on the products you choose to buy.  We are not here for cosmetic companies, we are here for you.

I can’t find my product or brand.  Can it be added to ClearForMe?

We will do our best to accommodate all requests as soon as possible.  Please email us at info@clearforme.com to get the process started.

Have questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say hi?

Hi!  We would love to hear from you.  Email us at info@clearforme.com

What is the difference between ClearForMe and EWG’s Skin Deep Database?

ClearForMe is about YOU, the consumer.  Our tool helps you find cosmetic products based on the ingredients you want to avoid.  EWG scores the health hazards of products ranking products on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low risk, 10 high health hazard risk).   While EWG is a valuable tool to learn about ingredients, it leaves the onus on you the consumer to find products that work for you.  ClearForMe gives you customized choices based on the parameters you define, whether it’s a medical necessity or a healthier lifestyle choice.

Wait, doesn’t FDA regulation make sure cosmetic products and personal care products are safe?

In a nutshell, unfortunately no.  Under U.S. law, the FDA does not have the authority to require cosmetic companies to submit their safety data to the FDA.  In addition, the FDA doesn’t require cosmetic products to be approved by the FDA before going on the market.  They only require companies to list the ingredients on their product packaging.    Also, the FDA has banned only 10 ingredients from cosmetic products in the US, compared to the EU’s governing body which has banned over 1,000.   To see the list of ingredients banned by the FDA (total of 10 ingredients only), go to this link:



To see the list of ingredients banned in the EU (over 1,000) go to this links:


Are the amounts of chemicals in cosmetics too small to matter?

Personal care products contain large volumes of chemicals, both natural and synthetic.  Some may be harmless, but others could be harmful.  Cosmetic companies are not required to assess how much gets into your body and what the risks might be.  In addition, cosmetic companies and the FDA do not assess the safety of your cumulative exposure to cosmetic ingredients.  You skin is your largest organ and what you put on your skin does absorb directly into your blood stream.

Once I’ve found products that are clear for me, can I buy them?

Yes, we’ve added a link that let’s you buy directly from the product search page.  Simply click on buy button and you will be linked to the product on Amazon.com.

Why does ClearForMe link to Amazon.com?

Our customers have asked to be able to buy the products that are listed as clear for them and so we’ve enrolled as an Amazon Affiliate in order to make it easier for customers to purchase those products.  Our goal is to be a resource for our consumers.  For full disclosure, by enrolling as an Amazon Affiliate partner, we do receive a small percent of sales of any items purchased.  We are not charging our consumers any fee and there is no obligation to make any purchase. 

How can ClearForMe provide me with more details on specific ingredients in products like perfumes?

Fragrances are considered trade secrets.  By law, because of that,companies are not required to give more specific detail on what chemicals they use to make that fragrance. To be safe, if you are allergic so some fragrance chemicals and not others, it’s best to avoid all “fragrance” items unless all the chemical names are specified for a fragrance.  Some companies do disclose on their own which is why with certain products you can get that information but that is up to the manufacturer.  We urge you to contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about the chemical components for the fragrance.

Is ClearForMe only for consumers suffering from allergies?

No.  If you care about what ingredients are in your products, then ClearForMe is for you.  Moms, if you are looking for products that are cleaner and safer to use around your children, ClearForMe can help you.  If you want to use cleaner, healthier, or more natural products, ClearForMe can help you.  ClearForMe’s goal is to help people find and use better cosmetic products, whether its a medical necessity or a healthier lifestyle choice.

I represent a cosmetics company.  How can I get my products listed on ClearForMe?

Please email us at info@clearforme.com.